Camp Bay Lodge

Sun seeker or wind surfer, this is the place for you

Quite possibly the coolest island retreat in the Caribbean, Camp Bay Lodge is the place to get active, unwind, learn something new and indulge in life. You’re journey will undoubtedly begin in the West End of Roatán and as you make your way to the East End you’ll take in the views and gradually leave the hustle of the West End behind. Few people get out to the East End, but let me tell you, they’re missing out. You hit the gravel road and circumnavigate the potholes along the way, which from experience in the Caribbean bodes well for adventure ahead.

Upon arrival, the sea breeze wisps through the palms, and you know you have arrived. Struggle with relaxation? There’s a cure for that in the form of an icy welcome drink. The staff are island cool with an assuring professionalism and efficiency. Each room is unique offering an airy and open layout, lots of light and passageways to make the most of the trade winds. Speaking of winds, Camp Bay is the home of some of the very best Kitesurfing anywhere in the world. Take a lesson or a few, rent equipment and the team will take you out for the ride of a life time.

Not the adventurous type? Not a problem! This place has something for everyone. Yoga classes and retreats on the schedule. Hammocks and loungers spread throughout the strip of paradise. Shade and sun evenly interspersed to meet whatever sun requirements you desire. Still not sold? The restaurant is open daily and attracts travellers and locals alike that make the drive for mouthwatering Caribbean dishes and lively cocktails to spur friendly conversations. Escape the crowds, disconnect from the office and reconnect with the essence of life in paradise.


Why we recommend Camp Bay Lodge

  • Off the beaten path and away from the crowds

  • Beachfront views, steps away from the ocean

  • Kitesurfing, yoga and other activities daily

  • Laid back yet professional vibe

  • Great food and cocktails

  • Each room is unique in design, lots of light, breezy and comfortable

  • Hammocks and beach loungers perfect for reading or napping the day away

  • Quiet and tranquil coastline to explore

  • Friendly locals and community near by to visit


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