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We are an experienced team of highly skilled creatives. We utilize best practices to leverage the power of digital marketing and social media to help businesses in the travel industry become more successful in an increasingly competitive market.

Content Marketing

  • Sponsored and Branded content packages available

  • Engaging and shareable content pieces designed to build awareness and create a viral effect

  • Creating unique social media content pieces for a range of platforms and environments

  • Highly targeted content distribution in order to reach a variety of audiences (geo, demo, income)

Social Media Management

  • Building awareness of services by targeting your ideal audience

  • Creating fun and engaging content your audience will love and share

  • Copywriting suited to your audience and each social media platform

Paid Search and Display Ads

  • Building campaigns designed to turn visitors into clients

  • Measurable campaigns aimed at reaching specific goals

  • Reaching your ideal audience throughout the buying journey

Influencer Marketing

  • Over 25,000 Instagram followers across brand and individual accounts passionate about travel

  • Collaborating on content creation and distribution through available channels

  • Executing campaigns and collaborating with influencers by setting expectations and objectives

Digital Strategy and Consulting

  • We audit your current digital platforms to uncover opportunities, threats, strengths & weaknesses

  • We conduct competitive analysis in order to strategically plan your success in your market

  • Through discussions and client input, we combine the data and information to design a long term plan


  • Special event coverage

  • Lifestyle photography

  • High resolution images for print and digital marketing purposes

  • Highly engaging social media photography content

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