Elephant Hills Thailand

Luxury Camping and Adventure Tours in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

Khao Sok National Park is one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Spanning an impressive 739 square kilometers, this protected nature reserve is home to around 400 species of animals, from ants to leopards and everything in between. The land comprises towering limestone karsts and endless luscious greenery, not to mention the waterfalls, rivers, and mystical lake that are waiting to be explored.

Nestled deep in the heart of Khao Sok National Park is Elephant Hills Thailand, the countries first luxury tented camp. Elephant Hills offer a unique once in a lifetime experience by combining luxurious glamping accommodation with a range of unforgettable adventure tours. Aside from their unbeatable accommodation and variety in tours and activities, one of the best things about Elephant Hills Thailand is their passion for sustainability and conservation. Every aspect of the organisation has been carefully considered to ensure that people, animals and the environment are protected and supported in every way possible.


The Adventure Tours & Activities

Elephant Hills offers a wide range of immersive experiences that take you beyond the elephant sanctuary and into the natural habitat of Khao Sok National Park. Canoe down a winding jungle river looking out for monkeys in the trees above, trek into the jungle and learn about the local flora and fauna, or take a boat through the beautiful mangrove forests that play a vital role in supporting the planets biodiversity. Spend a day or even a night at the floating lodges on the lake, and kayak around the magnificent limestone rocks unique to this special part of the world.

There are several adventure tours to choose from, ranging from 2 to 4 days in duration. Each tour package combines a selection of impeccably organised and executed activities from kayaking to hiking and everything in between. Of course, every package includes the infamous Elephant Hills elephant encounter, which is typically at the top of everyone’s bucket list during a trip to Thailand!

All of the activities at Elephant Hills Thailand are ethical and sustainable, protecting the environment and animals and supporting the local community. Elephant Hills are involved in so many projects in the local area, from supporting schools to proving jobs, and protecting and conserving wildlife. Education is at the heart of what they do, based on the belief that people will want to do more to protect the planet when they have the knowledge to see why it is so important to do so.


The Elephant Experience

Conservation and protection of these beautiful animals is at the centre of everything at Elephant Hills Thailand. The staff work for the elephants, and not the other way around. When you look into the eyes of the elephants here you can see they are happy, at peace, and well looked after. You can sense the wisdom, the charm and the cheekiness within.

During your elephant experience at Elephant Hills you’ll come face to face with these magnificent creatures, as well as learning all about their history, lifestyle and how we can help protect them. After a friendly introduction, sit back and relax as your new friends have the time of their lives playing in their natural muddy swimming pool.

Then it’s time to get hand on! The elephants love to put dirt on their heads and backs to keep them cool in under the sun. Add muddy water to the mix and you’ve got one mucky elephant! Help then to get clean with a shower and a coconut husk scrub - getting wet is all part of the fun! The elephants will let you know when they’ve had enough of bath time as they wander back into the field. It’s times like this that you start to see the individual characters shine through.

Now that they’re clean, the elephants are ready for their lunch. Help to prepare a selection of healthy foods and snacks for the elephants before dispersing them among the hungry crowd - watch out for the cheeky ones, they’ll have their trunks in your banana basket if you’re not careful! Not surprisingly, the elephants absolutely love it, and so will you. Engaging with such playful and gentle creatures is a life changing experience that you wont soon forget.

An experience at Elephant Hills is incredibly fun, but also highly educational. The team are keen to share the history of Asian elephants and their unique place in Thai history and culture. Informing and educating guests is a critical component in helping people understand the importance of conservation and environmental protection so that future generations will be able to marvel in this beautiful corner of the planet.


The Elephant Hills Camp

The camp itself at Elephant Hills is environmentally friendly, and is completely plastic-free. Rainwater catchment systems and solar-power systems are in place to help reduce the carbon footprint. Further to this, the camp is made from locally and ethically sourced materials and has been built in harmony with the beautiful natural surroundings, maintaining as much of the original greenery and trees as possible.

The tents at the camp are cleverly designed to provide all the comforts of a hotel room whilst being under canvas in the middle of the jungle. All the wonders of camping, from the fresh air to the sounds of the cicadas and birds, are enjoyed from a comfortable king sized bed, with an electric fan for hot nights, and an en-suite with hot water for those who like their home comforts. Complimentary bathing products made with natural ingredients ensure the surrounding eco-system is unharmed, and the rainwater supply helps to preserve the earth’s most vital resource.

All meals are provided throughout your stay, and include a wide range of freshly prepared dishes for each meal. Breakfast and dinner are served in the camp’s common area, where guests are welcome to join each other to discuss their magical experiences whilst enjoying the food.


As one of three finalists in 2016’s National Geographic Traveler World Legacy Awards in “Conserving the Natural World”, Elephant Hills excels in the areas of sustainable and ethical tourism. In addition to the elephant conservation and protection efforts there are also a number of projects in place that support the local communities, showing a true all-round passion for protecting the planet and the people and creatures that call it home. We’ll be delving further into the projects at Elephant Hills Thailand throughout out sustainability series. Keep an eye out for more coming soon.


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