Adventure Guide: Hiking
Volcan Acatenango


This epic adventure will test your physical limits and forces you to overcome many obstacles and challenges. Exhaustion, weather, and altitude will all become your best friends in this two day adventure. Hiking up a volcano is a rare and special experience that words cannot fully explain. You’re reminded just how small a space you occupy on this planet and the natural forces at work that created this planet.

Beginning in the foothills below Acatenango you’ll hike gradually into the forest towards base camp where you’ll enjoy your first encounter with the active and immense Volcan Fuego. Climbing 3,976 m to the summit is an epic and challenging trek not to be missed on your Guatemala adventure.



Who to go with?

The most important decision you’ll make for this trip is deciding who to go with. After a lot of research, we discovered Soy Tours. the more we learned about them, the more we realized that they are the best in the business. Lead by Gilmer Soy, the Soy Tours team are local guides that care greatly for their community and clients.

The Soy Tours team are knowledgeable experts on the local area. Hiking a volcano is a challenging and a potentially dangerous activity so having a capable and professional team is critical. Soy Tours places safety as a top priority. They ensure everyone is together while keeping everyone motivated. Nobody is left behind. The base camp is well built and situated in the perfect place to fully appreciate the grandeur of the volcano and surrounding area.

Soy Tours is committed to improving the lives of the people that live in the local villages. A large percentage of the money generated from the tours go directly to providing for the San Jose Calderas, Gilmer’s home village. Proceeds go to digging wells for drinking water and building schools, Gilmer Soy and his team are working to impact the future of the community and your support goes a long way. This is truly the most amazing part.

What to Pack

For this two day adventure, you’ll need to prepare for the elements and for energy. The trek is physically taxing, it’s cold at higher altitude, and rain is not uncommon. Be prepared!

You’ll Need:

  • Drinking Water (4 litres)

  • Hiking Boots

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Sweatshirt

  • 3-4 pairs of socks

  • Gloves

  • Hat

  • Longjohns/leggings (optional)

  • High Energy Snacks

  • Waterproof bags

  • Walking stick (recommended)


Day 1


The day begins with an early morning pick up and shuttle to the head office in San Jose Calderas where you’ll learn more about the hike and the current conditions. This is also a final opportunity to rent any equipment you might be missing. We highly suggest a walking stick not only will it assist in the ascent, but also for the descent as it can reduce strain on the knees.

  • Pick up at hotel/hostal in Antigua – 7:30 am

  • Meet at office at the Volcano base area (San José Calderas community)

  • Equipment checks and meals ready (Equipment subject of availability)

  • Short intro and preparation for expedition

  • Start hike to campsite – 10:00am

  • Arrive at campsite for dinner and sleep (Approximately 4:00 pm)


Day 2

The second day begins well before sunrise. You’ll have some time to get dressed, eat a quick snack and hydrate. This is the most difficult part of the hike as the darkness and volcanic ash make for shaky footing. Be aware of your energy level as altitude sickness is not uncommon. Take your time and manage your energy and you will arrive safely. What awaits you is well worth the struggle, trust us!

  • Start hike to Acatenango’s top – 3:00am.

  • Sunset at the summit

  • Descent from summit to campsite.

  • Breakfast and pack before descent to base.

  • Descent to meeting point at the volcano base – 8:30am

  • Back to hotel/hostal in Antigua – 1:00pm


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