Hotel Beethoven

A symphony of design and comfort

Vienna is a city of sophistication and elegance, architecture and classical music. It’s also a city smashing stereotypes and redefining itself daily. This world-class city is exciting and dynamic, while holding on to traditions that the Viennese hold so dear.

The Hotel Beethoven is a perfect example of how tradition and modernity intermingle flawlessly in Vienna. Classic details, cozy comforts and modern amenities all come together to create a unique boutique experience that feels like home while you explore vibrant Vienna.


Located in the bohemian Naschmarkt, you’re walking distance to the Opera House, Museums, and shopping district. Vienna is a great city to explore on foot, but just as easily can be navigated by transit. Distinct neighbourhoods with unique flavours and busy street corners where cosmopolitan Viennese lifestyle is on full display. Less than five minutes from the doors of Hotel Beethoven are several metro stations where you can seamlessly be whisked away across the river or to other points of interest in this vivacious city.


Upon arrival you’re drawn into the ecclectic design and cozy confines. Each floor is uniquely decorated with flush seating and a mix of retro and contemporary furniture. Colourful yet tasteful, the main lobby is the type of place to sit and read the day away, if not for the lengthy list of things to do in Vienna.

Atop the winding stairacase is a beautifully designed library, and the heart and soul of the hotel, A large well lit lounge is home to the grand piano. Adding character and life to an already brilliant space. Once a week, concert level musicians perform to a small group of hotel guests in an intimate setting with fantastic acoustics. We could hardly believe that this experience was taking place and is a memory to be treasured.


After a long day out experiencing sensational Vienna, you’ll naturally look forward to coming home to get off your feet and begin preparations for the next day of exploration. Each suite is designed with this in mind, The thoughtful approach to design and function leads to suites that are for lack of a better word perfect. Consistent with the theme of classical music, each suite is named after a famous or not so famous Austrian composer.

As you move throughout your suite, you feel the attention to detail and care to providing the best experience possible. Sophisticated wallpaper and accent furnishings, bay windows and plush bedding are just a few of the features that make this place feel so much life home. Within a less dynamic city, the rooms themselves could serve as a full and complete weekend get away. But this is Vienna, and you’ll need to be a master of time in order to make the most of each day and your time in Beethoven Hotel.


Once your daily itinerary is est, and you’ve had eight of the most restful sleep hours of your life, you’ll be ready to spring out of bed to seize the day.

The team at Beethoven Hotel provides a legendary spread to fuel the mind and body. Comfort foods and traditional Austrian foods, fruits, breads, jams and meats are on offer in any combination your heart desires. Hot coffee, or if you’re feeling cheeky, hot chocolate is available for a morning kick.

Eggs done in any style you desire, fresh fruit and muesli topped with natural yogurt for a cool and refreshing start to the day. Delicate and delicious pastries round out the delectable smorgazborg. Be sure to allocate enough time to this feast before you set out for the day. You’re sure to find yourself casually clearing each plate and returning for more not once, not twice, but may’be three times (or more).

If you’re planning a dream trip to Vienna, Hotel Beethoven should be at the top of your list of places to stay. Beautiful, tasteful and incredibly accommodating the team will ensure you experience the very best of Vienna.


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