La Casita de Baclayon

An unparalleled experience on Bohol Island, Philippines

With literally thousands of islands in the Philippines, it can be difficult to choose which to visit. If you’re looking for a blend of local culture and impressive nature, then Bohol should definitely be on your list. Known for the famous Chocolate Hills, Bohol boasts expansive landscapes that vary from rich green rainforest to beautiful coastlines with turquoise water. There’s no better way to explore than with the freedom of a scooter, so grab your helmet and pack a beach bag - the adventures of Bohol await.


Tucked away on the hill above the town of Baclayon stands the marvel that is La Casita. Rarely will you find a place with such a warm welcome and lasting charm. Designed and built with sustainability in mind, this beautiful family run guest house boasts high ceilings, and an open plan concept, with spacious living quarters that really bring the outside in. Made with natural and locally sourced materials, the building blends seamlessly with it’s lush green surroundings capped with cogon thatch roofs and spectacular wooden beams throughout. Two large indoor pools with circulating water keep the house naturally cool, working with the sea breeze to ventilate throughout.


An abundance of outdoor space invites you to relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the gentle sea breeze that rolls up the hill and cools the house. As the sun dips down into the sea below the forest, the golden hour light floods into La Casita giving a warmth and serene glow. My advice, settle down with a book in the Thai style garden den and listen as the forest comes alive.


The two guest rooms at La Casita are spacious, light and inviting. The suites are tastefully decorated with local Filipino art pieces, hand woven fabrics and intricate wood carvings. Open bathrooms invite the sea breeze to roll over the bamboo and keep the space cool, whilst sunlight streams in from the outside maintaining the bright and open feel that flows throughout the house.

Each day begins with a breakfast that is second to none. Served in an open courtyard that is comfortably shaded by trees, guests are invited to choose from a selection of mouthwatering dishes. Breakfast is served with homemade bread, a selection of fresh fruits, and delicious local coffee. The dishes are all homemade and are seasoned to perfection, with the baked eggs and potato hash brown leaving a particularly lasting impression.


La Casita de Baclayon is a lovely guesthouse offering hospitality and home comforts. Sally, Graham and the friendly team they’ve assembled went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay, from having plenty of ice water available to shuttling guests to local restaurants in town.

The family also share a passion for sustainability, Sally and Graham, and their daughter Emily, have created their business model by placing the local community at the center of all they do. This passion extends well beyond the guesthouse. Looking for a sustainable tour? Sally is happy to arrange private boat tours to dolphin watching and snorkeling in partnership with local operators that support the environment. The tours support local families and help deter local fishermen from poaching whales and rays, by offering an alternative, more sustainable income. The family are involved in several more environmental and community projects, which you can learn more about on their website. They’re a truly wonderful family, and fantastically hospitable hosts.

If you find yourself in Bohol be sure to also stop by Chido Cafe in Baclayon. Owned and run by Emily, this brand new cafe offers incredible ocean views and a delicious menu of fusion cuisine inspired from her personal travels. With bright colourful decor and highly photogenic dishes, Chido Cafe is any Instagrammer’s dream.


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