Made in Louise

Community centric, business friendly

At the crossroads of Europe lies the capital of Belgium, Brussels. Located on the Senne river, this European capital is home to over two million multilingual people speaking French, Dutch, Flemish and English to name just a few. As the city has grown since WWII Brussels has become home to several EU institutions and the centre for commerce. As a truly world city, there are countless dining experiences to be had, excellent shopping and UNESCO world heritage sites to fill you camera roll. Getting acquainted with Brussels is no easy task. So much to see and so much ground to cover. As the old adage goes, “location,location,location.” is the key to success.

Made in Louise is ideally placed close to the centre and major transit points. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, staying at Made in Louise will ensure you have a pleasant and restful stay in one of Europe’s most intriguing cities.


Arriving to the ornate building, you immediately take notice of the attention to detail and fine features. The automatic doors give way to a marble staircase which welcome you to a cozy, comfortable space. As you approach the reception desk, the friendly staff members greet you with a smile and happily help you get oriented in your new surroundings. The main floor is designed with creating interactions and building community. A large sitting room with comfy seating surrounding a fireplace is at the heart of the hotel. Sit comfortably while working, or chatting with other travellers. A bar and small dining area offer delicious Belgian craft beers and a selection of snacks to suit your taste. Feeling playful, there’s even a pool table in a billiards room to entertain on those chilly, wet evenings.


The suites are tastefully decorated. Style and function blend perfectly allowing a cozy work space and haven for rest and relaxation. Large windows look out onto the streets below or into the courtyard ensuring that there are no bad views in any room. To say that the bedding is comfortable would be a massive understatement. You’ll need to set a few alarms to make sure you don’t sleep through breakfast or miss out on an active day of sightseeing. But if you do, would it really be the worst thing?


A great night’s rest and a full day of exploring. Need a little help deciding what to do? The Made in Louise team are well informed and equipped to help you put together a daily itinerary. For those a little looser with planning, you can simply request to be pointed in the right direction or load up your google maps and make your own way. Brussels is an exciting city steeped in culture and significance on the world stage. A must visit is the Grand Place. Just a 30 minute walk away, there is no better place to observe the oppulence and luxury of a bygone era. Guild houses, the Town Hall and the King’s House border the public square that draws tourists from around the world.


The winding narrow streets of Belgium are the perfect place to get lost in the right direction. Shops, pubs and restaurants offer international and local cuisine to fit your budget. Short on time? Grab a deliciously mouth-watering waffle, some chocolates or fries. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.


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