Mexico’s 7 Best Beaches

When you think of Mexico the chances are you think of sun, sea, and tequila. There’s definitely a reason for that. Mexico is home to some of the best beaches in the world, with soft white sand, crystal clear water, and some amazing snorkeling to be had. And the tequila? I don’t think that needs explaining.

Check out the seven best beaches in Mexico!


#1 Playa Balandra, La Paz


Playa Balandra is out of this world! The water in the bay is so shallow that you can walk from one side to the other without getting your top half wet! It’s crystal clear, and you might even see a ray or two gliding along the seabed. There’s an incredible view from the cliff, making the short scramble up well worth it. It’s free to camp overnight too, but don’t expect any facilities, it’s just you and nature’s beauty.


#2 Los Arbolitos, Cabo Pulmo, Baja Sur


This hidden gem is definitely worth the trip! Hire a car and head to Cabo Pulmo National Park. 5km past the village there's a small turn off the left - Los Arbolitos. A local family take care of the area and provide use of toilets and showers for a nominal fee. Don't forget your snorkel and mask - the reef is one of the liveliest I've ever seen! It's also great for coastal walks, with some incredibly rewarding views. You can camp on the beach too, which is simply perfect.


#3 Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo


Holbox is the definition of “island paradise”. Clear turquoise waters lap gently ashore, with bright white sandbars as far as the eye can see. Wooden beams stand in the shallows, with hammocks slung between them.  It's hard not to get stuck here for the day, especially when there's restaurants along the front serving cocktails and beers.


#4 Tulum, Yucatan


Tulum's hotel and resort area runs alongside a beautiful stretch of private Caribbean beach. If you're not staying at a beachfront hotel, there are places which will allow you to access the beach if you buy a something from their bar or restaurant. Buy a cerveza and soak up some sun.


If you fancy a day at the beach without having to buy stuff, head down to Tulum's public beaches. The sand and sea are just as nice as along the hotelera. People walk along selling various drinks and snacks, from fresh coconuts to vegan falafel, but no one is pushy, so you can relax and know that if you do want something it'll probably be along soon. There's typically a nice vibe here, with people playing games or sat playing the ukulele. It's also where the locals tend to go, so weekends are generally more crowded.


#5 Boca de Cielo, Chiapas


This is literally heaven on earth! Translating to ‘mouth of the sky’, going off the beaten track to Boca de Cielo is well worth the journey. You take a short boat ride across the calm water, and step straight onto the sand at the other side. Walk 20m further and you’ll find yourself on a deserted beach with incredible Pacific Ocean sunsets. It’s free to camp here, and there are handful of family run restaurants to keep you fed and watered. If you agree eat at the same place a few times, you can use their showers and toilets too – win win!


#6 Sian Ka’an


Jump on your bike or take a taxi all the way to the end of Tulum’s hotelera and you’ll cross into Sian Ka’an natural bioreserve. A couple of kilometres along the dirt path there’s a small campsite and restaurant. The beach on the other side of this is just spectacular. We caught an unbelievable sunset and a sunrise worth waking up early for!


#7 Playa Zicatela, Puerto Escondido

A surfer’s paradise! If you’re in Puerto Escondido, chances are you’re there to catch a wave. This cute little beach town has a hippy vibe, and Zicatela is lined with chilled beachfront restaurants and little shops selling everything tie-dye. Early mornings and golden hours are prime time to catch a wave, so the beach is pretty much deserted during the day. Pizza Cipriano’s serves epic wood fired pizzas, which make for a perfect sunset snack.


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