PADI Certification:
Learning to Dive in
Utila, Honduras


It’s an experience unlike any on earth. Exploring the sea deep below the surface and seeing life in all it’s magnificent forms. It’s been said that humanity knows more about the universe, than the seas. In short, this is your new frontier and a new way of seeing the world.

Above the surface, Utila is an off beat island which draws a host of colourful characters from adventurous backpackers to friendly expats and laid back locals. Diving and nightlife are two areas Utila thrives in. Each day, there’s a new set of PADI certified divers celebrating new that creates an air of positivity and excitement.



PADI Open Water Certification

PADI Certification is your license to scuba diving worldwide. This challenging but very achievable certification is the first and most important as it allows you to learn all the fundamental skills and protocaols to keep you safe. After a brief knowledge test, a fitness evaluation and in water skills test, you’ll be well prepared for a lifetime of safe diving.

Why learn to scuba dive?

  • Way, way cooler adventures!

  • Good for the mind,body, soul

  • Meeting people from around the world

  • Diving is a lifelong activity and lifestyle

  • Diving takes you to some of the world’s most beautiful places * SE Asia, Caribbean, Mediteranean, many more

  • The diving community is super welcoming. Eager to share experiences and exchange stories



Who to Dive with?

Choosing the right company to dive with is the most important decision you’ll ever make. It’s critical you learn all the skills safely while building confidence. Bay Islands College of Diving sets you up for success.

The team at the College of Diving are among the warmest community of people you’ll encounter. Ready and willing to share knowledge, the team is keen to help you make the most of every dive by teaching you about the local ecosystem so you can gain a greater appreciation for the incredible diversity of life under the sea.

The College of Diving also ensures you’ve learned all the necessary skills you’ll need to stay safe. By repeatedly practicing what to do in case of an emergency, You’ll gain confidence and be able to remain calm should you encounter difficulty.

What makes the College of Diving Unique?

  • Industry leader in research and ecological programs

  • Excellent facilities - Clean, organized, professional

  • Indoor pool facility used to get oriented with equipment

  • Practice skills in ocean water

  • New, and very well maintained gear and equipment

  • Knowledgeable and experienced team of instructors

  • Great accommodation packages available

  • Excellent dishes served all-day at the restaurant and bar



Utila Lodge

On this lively, off beat island paradise, you wont find a better setting to take in all the island vibes. Utila Lodge is set out above turquoise waters, the lodge offers tastefully decorated and comfortable rooms and suites with unbelievable views. Drift away in the hammock to the sounds of ocean water lapping up the shore beneath you. The close proximity to the dive center makes life even easier for those attending morning dives or PADI certification courses.

Why stay at Utila Lodge?

  • Perfect island location to access beaches and island life

  • Lively and delicious bar serving incredible local cuisine and international classics

  • Footsteps away dive center

  • Excellent Dive Packages available


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