Todo Bien

A slice of paradise in the jungle by the sea

There’s no background noise here. No cars, no people, no nothing. Just the gentle chirping of crickets and birds in song. You’re up in the hills in stunning Nicaragua, and each breeze that passes is a refreshing awakening. A beautiful reminder that you are in paradise.

Nothing quite compares to being in the jungle by the sea. There are few places that you can listen to the wild call of howler monkeys whilst looking over treetops onto an endless ocean below. Nature is all around you. You’re at one with it.


Completely off grid, nature supplies you with everything you need. The sun provides the energy, and the well gives you water. It’s a simpler life, a more natural one. Far, far away from the ‘everything at your fingertips’ society we’re all so used to. Welcome to Todo Bien, where everything is good.

Sustainable living meets boutique luxury. Two beautifully designed cabanas are set within the luscious jungle, complete with sliding glass doors that open fully to welcome the outside in. Hammocks of every shape and size hang around, gently swaying in the shade waiting to be lounged in. The infinity pool overlooks the jungle, where the trees roll down the hillside to meet the ocean. It’s a unique and magical place. The type of place you’ll never forget.


Todo Bien is the home away from home you thought you could only dream of. Tim and Cynthia go above and beyond to welcome you into their tranquil space. Technically they are the owners, but it’s adorable two year old Kaya that calls the shots. She teams up with the unlikely comedic duo of Trevor and Chewie, two adorable canines that live a lifestyle to we could all spire to. Lots of love, play, naps and adventures to the beach.

Todo Bien is perfect already, which makes the concept of further development an exciting prospect. With a yoga deck, fire pit and pizza oven under construction, Todo Bien is without a doubt the next up and coming place to stay in Maderas.

If you can pry yourself away from the tranquility of Todo Bien, head down the jungle path to Maderas beach, a surfer’s paradise. A rugged coastline with the iconic shark fin rock makes for a pretty epic backdrop. High tide offers pipeline waves perfect for seasoned surfers, and low tide creates a great amount of white wash for those wanting to practice their technique.


Either way, you’ll head back to Todo Bien feeling pretty pleased with yourself, and be ready to watch the sun go down with an ice cold beer in hand. If you don’t feel like venturing out for dinner, Tim and Cynthia are happy to whip up a home cooked meal. Despite telling us “we’re by no means chefs”, the food was incredible, made with fresh local ingredients and cooked to perfection. There was even a fresh baked dessert every night!

There’s still time for one more treat. Lay back and watch the stars from high up in the jungle with no lights to obscure the view. It’s a truly magical experience.

Never has a place lived up to it’s name so well as Nicaragua’s Todo Bien.


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