Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge

Make memories that will last a lifetime in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Wake up to the warm hues of sunrise illuminating the room around you. Step outside and open your senses, let the fresh air and nature engulf you. Feel the sea breeze against your skin, and hear the beautiful gift of bird song… The most awakening and inspiring mornings start right here.

As the sun begins to rise, pick up your binoculars and make your way up the iconic bird tower. Watch the magical display of tropical birds dancing above you, and listen to the unique and intriguing sounds as the forest below comes to life.

Ideally located on Isla Bastimentos, Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge encompasses more than 200 acres of nature preserve. A thick vast forest surrounds the lodge, bordered by luscious mangroves along the coast that reach down into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. The thriving land is home to an impressive array of flora and fauna, creating a nature lovers paradise.


Tranquilo Bay is the product of pure passion and dedication from owners Jim, Renee and Jay. Along with naturalist guides Ramon and Natalia, the team go above and beyond to ensure you have the most incredible and memorable stay in Panama.

From the moment we arrived we were welcomed with open arms and made to feel right at home. With a cold drink in our hands, our bags were carried to the cabana and our laundry was whisked away (a very welcome treat for weary travellers). Lunch was a great chance to meet everyone, including the owners families. The kids told us all about life growing up at the lodge, eager to share their knowledge and passion for the environment and wildlife.

Recommendations from the adventure leaders had us excited to get out and explore. Ramon became our guide and mentor throughout the stay, his enthusiasm kindling new interests for us. A short walk through the forest and we’d seen sloths, hummingbirds and monkeys, and learned so much about forest life.

There are endless activities available to keep the whole family entertained. We opted for a few days of sea kayaking and snorkeling, visiting numerous reefs and mangroves. Back on land we walked the nature trails, and became obsessed with bird watching at sunrise and sunset. There’s so much to do that the days fly by, and you’re left feeling overwhelmed with satisfaction and with memories that will last a lifetime.

As the night draws in, enjoy canapes and cocktails whilst you talk about your day, no doubt excited to share your experiences and sightings with the team and other guests. A delicious and nutritious dinner tops off the evening nicely, with great company and interesting conversations. You’ll be sure to rest well after an adventure filled day, ensuring you wake up ready to do it all over again tomorrow.


Everything is taken care of at Tranquilo Bay, so you can focus solely on having the adventure of a lifetime. Let the team know what you’re interested in, and they’ll make sure you get the most out of each day.

Whether you’re big into birding, eager to see a sloth, or just want to spend some quality time with loved ones, there’s no better place to be than Tranquilo Bay.


Tranquilo Bay Highlights

  • Tranquilo Bay is family run, and the owners take pride in everything they do. They are all really friendly and will join you for evening meals and drinks.

  • Option for all inclusive stay, which has been very well thought out. Cold drinks are available in a cooler by the dock, the guides bring snacks if you go out for the day, and the staff make amazing cocktails in the evening. Meals are home cooked, healthy and delicious!

  • Everything you could need in the room, from toiletries to a a coffee machine.

  • Impeccably clean, with every attention to detail.

  • Lots of space between cabanas.

  • Perfect for families. Lots of space for children to explore, endless activities to enjoy, and fun things to learn about!

  • Beautiful nature everywhere you look.

  • Teeming with wildlife, from sloths, raccoons and parrots to rare birds and snakes!

  • The onsite bird watching tower is incredible.

  • Binoculars are provided for every guest for use throughout the stay.

  • The sea kayaking and snorkeling activities are brilliant - ask to go through the mangroves!

  • Ramon’s enthusiasm for nature is contagious!


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