Mérida, Mexico

The colourful culture center of the Americas

Pastel coloured colonial style architecture line the streets. The scent of fresh flowers emanate from the ubiquitous parks and public squares.  It’s nearly impossible to pass by without reaching into your bag for a camera.  So be sure to charge your batteries, because Mérida is absolutely breathtaking.


Officially founded in 1542, Mérida is home to a uniquely rich Mayan and colonial history.  This is evident in the arresting architecture, stunning cathedrals, and meticulously woven traditional garments worn by residents throughout the city.

As you take in all the colours of the city, picture it hundreds of years ago. Mérida was first built on the ancient Mayan city known as T’hó.  Many historians consider Mérida to be the longest populated city of the Americas. As the city grew along with Spanish influence, the Mayan culture remained resilient.  Today, Mérida is home to the highest concentration of residents with Mayan ancestry in Mexico.  Displays of Mayan culture are frequent and honoured reminders of the cities fascinating journey.

It’s easy to see why no trip to Mérida is complete without a visit to some of the many museums, where you can polish up on your regional knowledge and appreciation of the spectacular Mayan ancient history and culture.

Dubbed the first “American Capital of Culture” in 2000, and again in 2017, Mérida boasts a lively events calendar with live music and theatrical performances, urban light exhibits, and mid-week salsa dancing in the streets.  Simply put, there’s always something to do in Mérida.  Almost nightly, you can find vendors on the streets and night markets with mouthwatering local Yucatean cuisine to entice your tastebuds.  The beauty of the city is only matched by the depth of culinary offerings that will drain your pocket book if you let it.


Where to Stay


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