Top 10 Pros & Cons of Seeing The World With Your Significant Other

By Ashlee Gatgens


1. Pro: Being able to explore dodgy & dangerous neighbourhoods safe in the hope that your partner would protect you if you were actually about to be kidnapped and sold into human trafficking.

Con: The realisation and fear that comes when it dawns on you that you can totally be kidnapped the second you leave the hostel alone; even if it is just to collect your laundry.

2. Pro: Being an attractive candidate for work away sites as a responsible human capable of forming relationships.

Con: There is no chance in hell that the Party hostels will take you no matter how good you are at partying.

3. Pro: You have someone to sleep on during 24 hour bus rides

Con: Listening to someone snore next to you for 24 hours.

4. Pro: Being able to eat from two different plates of local cuisine. this is actually my favourite. It is the easiest way to try the most different foods in a new country.

Con: Occasionally eating that random food from a different plate, that you knew you didn’t trust ends up with diarrhea and shitting out a live bug.

5. Pro: Actually shitting yourself or vomiting on yourself and there is someone there to help you, go in search of a pharmacy and learn the local lingo to get you sorted.

Con: Having your partner watch you in this state.


6.  Pro:  When someone chases you with a gun through the El Salvadorian Jungle you have someone who will hopefully save you.

Con: They may be the reason you are being chased by said gun.

7.  Pro:  When booking hostel dorms, you have the choice of the Lesser of two evils of dorm beds. Closer to the fan or further away for the stinky, usually naked weird traveller.

Con: Attempting to fit two people into a bunk bed in 40 degree heat.

8.  Pro: Having someone to remind you of the amazing adventures you have had, where you went and who you met.

Con: Having that same person remind you of what you did after a litre of rum the night before.

9.  Pro:  Meeting a shit ton of incredible people and knowing they are to become life long friends, because you are not the only single in the hostel.

Con: Learning to become comfortable with naked people in front of your partner. “Manjinas” become normal at a very scary rate.


10.  Pro: At the end of all your adventures you witnessed and experienced life in all the ridiculous ways possible with the someone you love. You will have seen and lived a million different lives and stories that only the two of you can fully comprehend. Travel brings out the best and worst in people. If you can survive, then you can survive anything.

Con: If you break up during or after your travels you will be left with undoubtedly a bunch of photographs of beautiful places you never want to return and stunning memories you rather forget. Whole countries become associations of the cons and all you have left is to travel again to a new place…solo. To learn it all again on your own.


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